The Players

“Living Life One Laugh At A Time”!!!

The Old Man

Got into podcasting in 2019 as a Co-Host of the Dreadnot928 Podcast with Rich and The Old Man.

Started his own Podcast in April of 2020 as a hobby and something to do, he fired it up with a couple of practice show and put the hammer down. Inspired by Grammi and locking in two great Co-Hosts, “The Old Man’s Podcast with Dena Jo and Eric” took off and hasn’t slowed down.

Retired from the Quality Assurance / Quality Control Industry in 2016, just enjoying life, hanging out with Grammi and doing the Podcast. Good Times!!!!

“Be the reason someone smiles today. Let your smile change the World but don’t let the World change your Smile”!

Dena Jo Ramirez

Crossed paths and became friends with the Old Man during his Co-Hosting days with Dreadnot928. Dena Jo was a regular and was soon appointed General of Old Man’s Slap Squad.

Dena Jo rekindled the friendship at the beginning of the Old Man’s Podcast in April 2020 and rapidly became a favorite of the Podcast. Knowing a good thing when he saw it, the Old Man quickly asked Dena Jo to be his Co-Host and the fun has been at full speed ahead every since.

Being the President and Commander In Chief of the Slap Squad she is quick to team up with her Agents of Slap to keep the Old Man in check. If things get too out of hand, DJ calls in the Big Guns i.e. Grammi to set things right.

Dena Jo lives with her family in Colorado and is dedicated to her family, gardening and cooking.

“Inspiriting Others to be Their Best, is a labor of Love”

Eric Kirk

Not ever producing a Podcast before, the Old Man did two practice shows in the last week of April in 2020. Eric was one of the first to enter and call into those shows.

Eric and the Old Man clicked and during the first official show when Dena Jo joined in, the foundation for the current show was established. The TEAM was born.

As the Podcast took off Eric started doing what he does best, getting the word out and telling everyone about the show, inviting the masses to tune in and follow the Podcast. People came and growth took off. Because of Eric’s dedication and hard work he became the third leg of this 3 legged stool and became Co-Host along with Dena Jo.

Eric lives in Georgia and you can find him also Co-Hosting the Slightly Serious Show Podcast on Podbean.

“Love yourself so you can love others”!


If there is a Heart and Soul to the Old Man’s Podcast, it’s Grammi. She was the push and drive that got the Old Man to start his Podcast in April 2020.

Grammi said “NO” when asked to Co-Host the Podcast created by her husband and the push for Dena Jo and Eric to be the Co-Hosts. She recognized how well the three worked together and the chemistry between Dena Jo and the Old Man.

Grammi joins forces with Dena Jo for the special episodes “Cooking with Dena Jo and Grammi” which have become a big favorite of our Followers of which she calls her “PodPeople”. Always a favorite when she calls in, the PodPeople love it when Grammi teams up with Dena Jo and they go after The Old Man.

Grammi lives with the Old Man in Vancouver WA and has been a dedicated and Loving Wife since 2000.