#539 – WATCHOUT!!! It’s Thursday!!!


Man, what a rough and tough show today! A battle it was but we still did it!!

After the blow out last week, our show is going thru a “Re-Birthing”, “Re-Direction” “Get Back on the Tracks” phase.

Things are a little rough around the edges, timings off, regrouping etc etc etc.

So, THANKS for hanging with us while we clean the spark plugs, change the oil, put air in the tires and get this thing FIRED BACK UP!!!!!!

Change is ALWAYS rough  but what are you going to do, Give Up? OH SWEET CHERRY PIE NO!!!!!!

Thanks for all your support thru Listening, Downloads and Sharing! We deeply appreciate each and everyone of you.

Have a GREAT Day and we’ll be back at it again tomorrow and remember, It’s PROMOTE YOUR PODCAST FRIDAY tomorrow!! 

Later Gators!!


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