#518 – It’s Okay, Wednesday’s here!!!


We just felt like doing a little ranting today, so we did!!!!

Sometimes you need to hit the release value and get stuff off your chest, RANT BABY!!!!

You can’t let stuff build up inside you till you blow-up! Let it go, get it off you, release the pressure. Some do that by working out at the gym, some of us just need to let a big old YELL out, some just need to go outside and spend a little time in the garden. BUT, we all need to do something to release the pressure, it’s NOT healthy letting it stay inside of you building to the breaking point. So, LET IT GO!!!!!

“Free your MIND and the rest will follow”, to quote an En Vogue song.

The weeks half over, it’s all down hill from here so have a GOOD Wednesday!!!!

Tune in tomorrow and let us help you out the door with a smile on your face and a laugh in your heart!!!

Later Gators!!!


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Retired Living Life One Laugh At A Time.

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