#465 – We made it to FRIDAY!!!!


Need a show/Podcast to listen to that is easy on your mind, that will help you get into a chill zone, free you for a moment from all the nasty out there?

WELL, give us a listen!!!!

We are anti-hate, anti-anger, we don’t discuss current events, politics or religion. We leave that to all the other thousands of podcasts to do (and they do it well!). We are just a group of friends that like to sip coffee, goof around and get our Laugh On.

We want to put a little joy in your heart, a laugh in your soul and a skip in your step. A little FUN can go a long way and our mission is to give that to you.

So, download this and any past shows and ENJOY!

Have a GREAT Weekend and we’ll see you on Monday!!

Later Gators!!!


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Published by The Old Man's Podcast with Dena Jo and Eric

Retired Living Life One Laugh At A Time.

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