#442 – At Ease Tuesday!!


“At Ease”: If you are at ease, you are feeling confident and relaxed, and are able to talk to people without feeling nervous or anxious. You GOT THIS today, be CONFINDENT and RELAXED!!!!

The last song in Dena Jo’s Music segment today, BLEW MY MIND!!!!! I couldn’t believe it was the artist she said it was. See what you think, surprise or not.

We applauded the Hershey Bears Hockey team for their massive collection of Teddy Bears during their annual “Bear Toss” game. During the game, after the first goal made by the Hershey team, everyone in the stands tosses onto the ice a Teddy bear to be gathered up and given to local charities, this game they tossed out 52,341 Teddy Bears!!! GOOD JOB!!!

We talked a bit about the issues the exercise equipment company Peloton has encountered from a couple of TV shows that had their produces in, check it out.

Have a GREAT Tuesday and we shall be with you again tomorrow! ENJOY THE SHOW!!

Later Gators!!


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