Feeling Good, feels good!

So, when was the last time you watched the Sun Rise? How about the last time you went outside and gazed up at the Stars? When did you stop enjoying all the wonderment surrounding you?

Life is travelling by us at a neck breaking speed and it seems we are trapped in the draft behind it, just being dragged by it’s force. Life is sucking us along for the ride and we are dazed and braindead barely holding on waiting for the ride to end. Kind of a sad state if you ask me.

Two things I think about Life: 1) Life doesn’t control us and, 2) we don’t control Life. Life is a journey full of choices. We choose to go up, down, left and/or right on it’s path. It’s all up to us where we go, it may not seem like it at times but it is.

All it takes to get life to slow down and us to “catch up” is for us to stand up and get on our feet. Life will automatically slow down and we’ll stop being dragged by it. You want to stop the fast pace of your life, then STOP. Stop and smell the flowers. Stop and watch a Sun Rise. Stop and observe Nature, Breath!!!

Stop the rapid pace, slowdown, breath and feel good because remember, FEELING GOOD, FEELS GOOD!!!!!!

The Old Man

Published by The Old Man's Podcast with Dena Jo and Eric

Retired Living Life One Laugh At A Time.

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